South Florida Used Cars Inc.

Our team of locals help you sell more used cars with our software systems which are designed to work best in the counties of Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami Dade. By focusing on a small area we fine tune our technologies to work specifically with local websites and dealer advertising portals with a focus on what works best in these markets.

We know which vehicles sell best and where. We know how to utilize keyword phrases for certain makes and models while our software is designed to highlight certain features along with where and when they should be highlighted and to whom. We bring years of used car industry experience and digital marketing together for dealers who work us. Call us today at (561) 459-3600 for more information or to get started.

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Local Website Sponsored Ads

Facebook style ads run on Facebook and Local Websites.


Strategic Regional Targeting

Miami Dade County Florida; Palm Beach County Florida, Broward County Florida.


Local Search Advertising

Piggyback off our search engine advertising spend or have us run yours! We're Google, Bing and Yahoo certified partners.


Call Tracking Included

Each call is tracked for reporting and quality assurance purposes. Immediate email reports can be turned on or off.


Call Reports Included

Call reports are provided to assist dealers in measuring service efficiency.


South Florida Used Cars Listings

Optimized listing on our site, in search and social media.


Local Classified Postings

Local optimized Craigslist posting for dealers who choose this add-on.


Tri-County print add-on coming soon. Initial dealer customers signing up during our launch will be given a free ride in print!

*Special limited time offer. No Set-up Fees. No Contracts! Month to Month Services!

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